Higher Grades Faster!® Affiliated Partner™ Status (Agents/Consultants)

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Are you a university recruitment agent or educational consultant affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Becoming an Affiliated Partner™ of Higher Grades Faster!® is an intelligent way to diverse your revenue streams and make more money per client. 

Affiliated Partners™ enjoy our basic commission rate of US$100.00/copy (c.£75.00) – a rate which jumps to £150.00/copy if you successfully recommend more than 100 purchases of the Higher Grades Faster!® course per year to your students.

Becoming an Affiliated Parter™ is ideal for those agencies that send between five and ten students to Western universities every year. Plus, as your operations expand. you can upgrade to Gold or Silver Official Licensed Partner™ status at any time.

Get an easy, recurring revenue stream up and running today – become a Higher Grades Faster!® Affiliated Partner™!