Higher Grades Faster!® Affiliated Partner™ Status

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Are you a university recruitment agent or educational consultant affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Becoming an Affiliated Partner™ of Higher Grades Faster!® is an intelligent way to negate the impact of this crisis on your bottom line.

Affiliated Partners™ enjoy our basic commission rate of US$100.00/copy – a rate which rises to a maximum of US$200.00/copy if you successfully recommend more than 100 purchases of the Higher Grades Faster!® course per quarter to your students.

Moreover, becoming an Affiliated Parter™ is FREE and ZERO-RISK: the nominal £50.00 account setup fee will be added to your first commission payment. Plus, you can upgrade to Gold or Silver Official Licensed Partner™ status at any time.

Get an easy, recurring revenue stream up and running today – become a Higher Grades Faster!® Affiliated Partner™!