Higher Grades Faster!™ (*Luxury DVD+Book Course Set, Secret Launch™ Limited Edition)

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    Higher Grades Faster! is the only educational product in the world to feature five international fashion models. These iconic models star as the Infinity Girls™© in an exclusive DVD+book set created by a qualified lawyer who took a double-first from the University of Cambridge.

    This remarkable product can save you thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars by reducing or eliminating the need to send your child to expensive independent schools or hire private tutors.

    • Higher Grades Faster! is specially designed to help improve the academic performance, productivity, personal development and organisational skills of students in the crucial 14-21 age category – and produce the outstanding global citizens of the future. 
    • The five international fashion models have featured in the advertising, editorial and/or programming material for some of the world's most prestigious brands, including Adidas®, Coca-Cola®, Nickelodeon® and Turkish Airlines®.
    • These sophisticated, elegant and personable models also possess outstanding academic credentials of their own. They number Sorbonne Université, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and University College London amongst their almae matres.
    • The Higher Grades Faster! DVD case is protected by a tamper-proof and irreproducible security hologram which guarantees the integrity of the optical disc inside.
    • Each copy of this strictly limited, Secret Launch™ edition of Higher Grades Faster! is encased in a golden holographic envelope with a satin label on the exterior containing unique production data.

    Just fifty copies of this edition have been manufactured, making it a genuinely collectible item as well as a lasting investment in your children's future during an era in which the lifetime earnings gap between a person with an advanced, professional degree and someone with a mere high school diploma is now a US$2,344,000 chasm.1

    (Lifetime earnings income data source: The College Payoff: Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings, Georgetown University Centre on Education and the Workforce.)

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