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Do you run an independent secondary school? Would you like to augment your students' results, increase parental satisfaction – and boost your revenues? Become a Mediolana® partner today and earn up to £200 for every student of yours who purchases Higher Grades Faster!®, the world's best academic success and productivity course.

Higher Grades Faster!® can help your students get into the university of their dreams by dramatically improving their academic performance in every single subject. It's recommended by a stellar roster of educators and designers worldwide, and is so significant that the global current affairs magazine Newsweek is one of its select digital marketing partners.

Partnerships come in three high-ROI flavours – Affiliated, Silver, and Gold – all of which are designed to make your school more successful. In fact, these are the world's only educational licences which improve academic results, repuational value and fiscal stability.

Press one of the large buttons below to begin your partnership journey now – and discover the joy of getting Higher Grades Faster!®

💯 Results, Reputation and Revenues: Why Your School Needs a Higher Grades Faster!® Partnership.

Q1. What is a Higher Grades Faster!® partnership?

A1. A Higher Grades Faster!® partnership is an educational licence which gives schools a commission fee for each student who purchases the Higher Grades Faster!® course. These fees can quickly add up to thousands or even tens of thousands of pounds per year – an excellent new source of income.

Q2. How can a Higher Grades Faster!® partnership increase my school's reputational capital?

A2. In a number of very important ways. Students who take the Higher Grades Faster!® course enjoy better academic results, which improve your school's league table position. Moreover, enhanced parental and student satisfaction levels have all kinds of positive knock-on effects for your school, from organic, word-of-mouth recommendations to larger alumni donations.

Q3. What kind of returns on investment ('ROI') are achievable with a Higher Grades Faster!® partnership?

A3. The estimated returns on investment are high, despite being calculated very conservatively. This is partly because Higher Grades Faster!® partnerships are eminently affordable – the entry-level Affiliated Partner licence costs less than a single school uniform at many independent schools. You can view the estimated ROI ranges directly below.

💳 Higher Grades Faster!® Partnership Details + ROI Figures.

➠By the simple act of recommending Higher Grades Faster!® to parents of your students in years 9-13, you will receive up to £200.00 for every single copy of the course that they purchase from This can quickly add up to tens of thousands of pounds per year, and is an excellent additional revenue stream to help you thrive through these challenging times.

Increase your school's financial power by becoming one of the following:

Gold Official Licensed Partner™. Enjoy our top commission rate of £200.00/copy as standard – worth £12,500.00 in extra commission (£125.00 x first 100 copies). Becoming a Gold Official Licensed Partner™ entitles you to three free demonstration copies of Higher Grades Faster!® so that you can show your students exactly what the world's best academic success and productivity course looks like. Estimated ROI Range: 839%-3,225%.
Silver Official Licensed Partner™. Enjoy our bonus commission rate of £150.00/copy as standard – worth £7,500.00 in extra commission (£75.00 x first 100 copies). Becoming a Silver Official Licensed Partner™ qualifies you to receive two complimentary copies of Higher Grades Faster!® for promotional purposes and a 25% discount on upgrading to Gold Official Licensed Partner™ status. Estimated ROI Range: 430%-1,793%.
Affiliated Partner™. Get on board with our basic commission rate of US$100.00/copy (£75.00/copy),* a rate which jumps to £150.00/copy after your students have purchased 100 copies. Purchasing an Affiliated Partner™ status makes you eligible to receive a gratis promo copy of Higher Grades Faster!® Plus, you can upgrade to Gold or Silver Official Licensed Partner™ status at any time. Estimated ROI Range: 226%-715%.
*Figures based on a GBP:USD exchange rate of £0.75:US$1.00; these rates may fluctuate over time.

🖥 ︎TV Spot: Higher Grades Faster!® Addresses Universal Parental Aspirations for their Children.

🅐 Case Studies: Discover Why Students Love Higher Grades Faster!

Ooi Han Lim


➠"I speak Cantonese at home, and I used to struggle with subjects which require a high level of English. The Literacy modules in Higher Grades Faster!® changed all that. I went from an 'E' to an 'A' in History in less than one semester. Also, before using Higher Grades Faster!® I had never ever passed an English exam. In my last set of exams, I jumped two grades – from a 'D' to a 'B'. The product looks so good that I don't let even my parents touch it! And the only thing that I use my PS4 [games console] for now is to watch the Higher Grades Faster!® course DVD, which looks really good. I like every part of Higher Grades Faster!® – it's important to my future."

Jasmina Vulović


➠"Hello, my name is Jasmina and I’m a senior high school student. I found the Higher Grades Faster!® course perfect for helping me with my hectic lifestyle that combines balancing my perfect GPA scores in every single subject, working as an accountancy intern, and my extra-curricular activities, including learning English and German to a high level [my native language is Serbian]. The whole course is really well put together. I would like to compliment the company’s team for making it appealing to the eye, and easy to use and implement in my daily routine. The quality of the course is something I must not forget to mention. I wouldn't change a thing about the DVD content. Even the pages of the accompanying book have a really nice feel to them, and as you’re diving deeper into the course you will for sure be inspired to be more productive. If you ask me to pick my favourite parts, I would surely recommend them all!"

➠"Higher Grades Faster!® is helping me develop better study habits. I now have no distractions and am fresher during my long study sessions. My planning skills have improved: I have a better idea of how things are supposed to go and the course gives me a clear vision of my tasks. The Creativity + Lifestyle course modules have resulted in me having a much more relaxed vibe and a better mood. I have moderated my tech usage and my diet has improved, too. With Higher Grades Faster!® there is always a way to make your day better and more productive, all while keeping yourself healthy and happy. I’m looking forward to more self-development using Higher Grades Faster!®, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone searching for a way towards better grades and a better lifestyle."

Saleem Richmond, Law School Student
"HIGHER GRADES FASTER!® IS A JOY." – Saleem Richmond, Law School Student, 23
➠"Higher Grades Faster!® is a study skills course which is incredibly global and ambitious in scope. As a law student, I can say that there is an abundance of actionable and original material here. It's accessible and really well-presented. The DVD is clearly narrated, and the interdependent course book is packed full of great guidance. I can see how the Technology + Productivity modules can make any student much more productive. Higher Grades Faster!® will be very useful indeed to anyone who wants to improve their academic performance, particularly as the course designer's academic credentials [University of Cambridge double-scholarship winner] are outstanding. Superb."

🅑 Higher Grades Faster!® is Recommended by Educators and Designers Worldwide!

Marissa Sonnis-Bell
"Really excellent...really important...everyone could benefit from this." – Marissa Sonnis-Bell,A Lecturer at Singapore Institute of Management, State University of New York 🇺🇸🇸🇬

James Burlton
"Studying will never have been such an exciting prospect before." – James Burlton,B Head of EAL and Deputy Examinations Officer, Milton Abbey School, England 🇬🇧

Lamia Skender
"Truly amazing. Higher Grades Faster!® really speaks to the new generation through its contemporary aesthetics, fancy visuals and bold typography. Sometimes you do judge a luxury DVD+Book course set by its covers." – Lamia Skender,C Video Wall Designer, Al Jazeera Balkans 🇭🇷🇧🇦

Aurore Martial
"A totally ingenious and unbelievably comprehensive guide to academic success and productivity...the presentation is incredible...I cannot wait until my children are old enough to fully appreciate it." – Aurore Martial,D Interior Designer at Domus Venus 🇪🇺

🅒 Course Overview: Higher Grades Faster!® Can Get Your Students to the Top of the Class.

Q1. What is Higher Grades Faster!®, and what does it do?

A1. Higher Grades Faster!® is the world's best academic success and productivity course. It's specifically designed to get students in the crucial and formative 14-21 age category to the top of the class – and into the university or college of their dreams.

Q2. What does the Higher Grades Faster!® course contain?

A2. The Higher Grades Faster!® course contains 16 modules on six content themes: globalisation (🅐), technology + productivity (🅑), literacy (🅒), organisation (🅓), creativity + lifestyle (🅔), and transcendence (🅕). These modules cover every aspect of what it takes to be the kind of world-class student that top colleges and companies covet – imparting the elite learning skills that schools and private tutors simply don't teach.

Q3. What skills can my students learn from the Higher Grades Faster!® course?

A3. Your students can learn the following critical skills from Higher Grades Faster!®:

➠How to improve their academic written English tremendously in 90 days or less (modules 🅒❻ + 🅒❼)
➠How to revise for and ace exams at the very highest level (includes a University of Cambridge case study, modules 🅓❽ + 🅓µ)
➠How to transcend distractions (including smartphones and laptops) and develop supreme levels of focus and concentration (modules 🅑❹ + 🅑❺)
➠The secret to becoming the most organised student in their class: the Ultimate Organisation System!™ (modules 🅓❽ + 🅓µ)
➠The keys to becoming so creative that no robot or algorithm can ever replace them (modules 🅔❾ + 🅔❿ + 🅕⓫)

•Begin your Higher Grades Faster!® partnership journey, and improve your students' results – while increasing revenues and parental satisfaction at the same time.

🅓 Higher Grades Faster!®: Your Solution to the COVID-19 Remote Learning Crisis.

The post-March 2020 period has seen schools of all types grapple with the enormous logistical task of rapidly transitioning to a remote learning setup. However, this accelerated shift to online teaching has uncovered a number of alarming deficiencies with remote learning processes.

According to a widely-circulated Ofsted report,E the number one challenge for children learning remotely from home is maintaining their focus on studying (40%), with lack of motivation to engage with online teaching (36%) cited as another enormous problem.

The results are truly sobering: massive numbers of students are either not concentrating to a degree that makes the learning experience effective, or failing to log in altogether.F Learning gains are being erased, with schools desperately trying to stem the flow of knowledge reversal.G

Thankfully, there is a solution at hand for just this scenario: Higher Grades Faster!®

Higher Grades Faster!® is the world's best academic success and productivity course – recommended by educators and designers worldwide.

Higher Grades Faster!® equips your students for the new educational paradigm by giving them the advanced literacy, organisation, productivity and management skills to become motivated, autonomous learners. They can become amongst the most sought-after candidates for top universities and companies.

Remote learning is here to stay. But with a Higher Grades Faster!® partnership, the associated chaos, stress and underachievement can be banished.

🅔 Our Partners.

Digital Marketing Partners (select).
Mediolana®'s Digital Marketing Partners include iconic global brands Kelkoo Group and Newsweek.

Official Global Logistics Partner.
DHL is Mediolana®'s Official Global Logistics Partner.

🅖 Learning from the Elite: Why Higher Grades Faster!® is Simply the Best.

Asad Yawar

Asad Yawar is the creator of Higher Grades Faster!®
He knows exactly what it takes to get to the top of the class.

Winner of two Newton Scholarships at the world-famous University of Cambridge (2x winner of world's #1 university, QS rankings)
Selected to represent Cambridge before the British government's Ofsted department and the University of Oxford external examiner
•Journalism incorporated into the city cultures syllabus at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University
•Work extensively cited in the Routledge globalisation textbooks The World’s Cities and Dubai: Behind an Urban Spectacle
•Qualified corporate lawyer

🅗 Which Students Can Benefit the Most from the Higher Grades Faster!® Course?

Higher Grades Faster!® will be especially valuable for any of your students who fall into at least one of the following categories:

Students planning to go to a world-class school or university in the UK and/or US.
Students who want to augment their performance in exams.
Students who wish to dramatically improve their academic written English in 90 days or less.
The many students who find it difficult to fully focus on their studies because of their tech (smartphone, laptop, etc.) addictions.
Those students who want to get ahead in the economy of the future by becoming more creative.
Students who want to become the most organised student in their class.
Students who find studying stressful, and want to reduce their stress levels by making studying fun and inspiring.
Students who need that special edge to get onto competitive courses such as medicine, law and business.
Students who wish to bank the US$2,344,000 career earnings premium enjoyed by holders of advanced, professional degrees.
Students who want to maximise their academic and life potential.

🅘 10 Funky Facts About Higher Grades Faster!®

Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity
Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity

🅙 Brand Wall.

The international fashion models who star in Higher Grades Faster!® have featured in the advertising/promotional and/or editorial/programming content for some of the biggest and most prestigious global brands. The following comprise just some of them. Brand Wall


A Marissa Sonnis-Bell is the lead editor of and contributing author to Strangers, Aliens, Foreigners: The Politics of Othering from Migrants to Corporations (Brill 2018). She is also the author of a number of academic papers, including Croatia’s Neoliberal Trajectory: The Applicability of Variegated Neoliberalism in the Croatian Postsocialist Context (2012) and Nuclear Energy Post-Fukushima: A Media Analysis of Competing Nuclear and Climate Change Risks, 2006-2012 (2013).
B James Burlton is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and a CELTA-certified teacher of English as a second language.
C Lamia Skender attended Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.
D Aurore Martial is a graduate of École Hautes Études Internationales, Paris. She enjoyed a distinguished career in finance at firms such as Voltaire Financial, Compagnie Financière Tradition and Barclays Capital before turning her hand to interior design, a domain in which she has rapidly established a burgeoning clientele.
E Ofsted research finds pupil motivation around remote education is a significant concern for parents and school leaders, Ofsted, 25th January 2021
F Natalie Wexler, 7 Tips To Help Make Remote Learning More Effective, Forbes, 20th April 2020
G Tawnell D. Hobbs and Lee Hawkins, The Results Are In for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work, The Wall Street Journal, 5th June 2020

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