Dear Valued Affiliate,
Are you good at selling physical and/or educational products, such as courses?

Do you want to partner with a company which gives out a basic commission of US$100.00 for every single sale?

Are you searching for a product with made-in-Europe quality, truly extraordinary inherent remarkability, and a gigantic, ever-renewing target market in the US, Asia and Europe?

Higher Grades Faster!® – the world's best academic success and productivity course (age category: 14-21), published by Mediolana® – may just be exactly what you, and your content audiences, are dreaming of.

🅐 Mediolana® Affiliate Program Executive Summary.


•Mediolana® is offering a minimum commission of US$100.00 on every unit of their new study skills, productivity and personal development course Higher Grades Faster!® (age category: 14-21), a luxury, physical product (DVD + Book course set) shipped and tracked worldwide via DHL Express GOGREEN climate-neutral shipping
•Higher Grades Faster!® can be used by students in the critical and formative 14-21 age group to dramatically increase their academic performance – particularly in the reading and writing sections of the ACT®, SAT® and GMAT® exams, assessments which are routinely used to determine entrance to elite colleges such as Harvard, Princeton and MIT
•Higher Grades Faster!® is a genuinely unique, cutting-edge product with a number of remarkable qualities, including being:
      (i) the world's best academic success and productivity course – recommended by educators and designers worldwide
      (ii) the world's only educational product featuring five international fashion models, models who have starred in the publicity materials for some of the world's biggest brands (Coca-Cola®, Eurostar®, Marie Clare® and many others)
      (iii) designed by a journalist who is a double Newton Scholarship-winner from the world-famous University of Cambridge in England
•Great further incentives are available for high-performing affiliates (see 'Further Financial Incentives' below)
•We are looking to partner with ethical, top-class affiliates who want to make excellent money selling something meaningful
•Affiliates with significant content and social media properties in the parenting, K-12, college education, productivity, education and higher education fields are especially encouraged to apply

🅑 Higher Grades Faster!®: Program Details.

➠The basic commission per sale is a best-in-class US$100.00, with bonus incentives galore
➠We offer a generous cookie length of 180 days to ensure that you get the commission that your efforts deserve
➠We give our affiliates access to outstanding, video-based creatives and compelling text creatives to help you sell more
➠Higher Grades Faster!® has dedicated and aesthetically stunning landing pages to drive conversions
➠Full affiliate email support – just email us at (target response time: less than 24 hours)
➠PPC bidding is permitted (subject to certain conditions)
➠Ethically dubious practices including but not limited to the use of spyware and malware are strictly prohibited
➠The returns period of the product is 30 days from delivery. Payment to affiliates will therefore be made on Net 60 terms (i.e. 60 days from the date of sale)
➠Any affiliate violating this policy will be removed from the program and all commissions will be reversed
➠Terms and Conditions apply (see our programme agreement on the relevant affiliate network)

🅒 Further Financial Incentives!

Sell Higher Grades Faster!™ by Mediolana® and earn consistently high commissions and ultra-generous bonuses.

First 30 days of affiliate program membership additional bonus: commission per sale is US$150.00!
10-25 sales/month: commission increases to US$110.00 per sale!
26-50 sales/month: commission increases to US$125.00 per sale!
51-100 sales/month: commission increases to US$150.00 per sale!
101< sales/month: commission increases to US$200.00 per sale!

🅓 Why Should You Partner with Mediolana®?

Here at Mediolana®, we genuinely want you to love collaborating with us.

We sincerely value our affiliates – and back those words up with an extraordinary minimum per unit commission of US$100.00.
The best-performing affiliates are rewarded with generous, performance-based incentives.
We provide visually sumptuous creatives, and are open to dialogue and cooperation with our affiliates on the creation of new ones.
Mediolana® is a company synonymous with quality and superlative commercial partner experience – with an average contractor rating on Upwork of 5.0!
Our logistics partner is DHL Express, meaning that your readers will receive their copy of Higher Grades Faster!® from London, England quicker than many domestic mailings – wherever they are in the world.

🅔 Whom Are Mediolana® Looking to Partner With?

Mediolana® warmly welcome applications from affiliates with the following qualities:

Sound commercial ethics.
A proven track record of selling physical products.
The ability to generate sales within thirty days of your application being accepted.
Access to the relevant target audiences for Higher Grades Faster!® - see Section 🅗 below
A sincere desire to make the world a better place, and make excellent money selling something meaningful.

🅕 A Brief Overview of Higher Grades Faster!®

Higher Grades Faster!® – or to give it its full name, Higher Grades Faster!®: Executive Study Skills for Academic Success, Exponential Productivity + Sublime Personal Development – is the world's best academic success and productivity course, designed for students in the 14-21 age category who want to dramatically improve their academic performance and future career earnings.

Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity

🅖 What Makes Higher Grades Faster!® So Special – and Easier for Me to Sell?

Higher Grades Faster!® is a product so remarkable that it almost sells itself.

🅗 Higher Grades Faster!®: Target Content Audiences

Your marketing materials for Higher Grades Faster!® can be successfully directed towards the following target content audiences:

Affluent and ambitious parents of teenagers and college students (age category: 14-21). This is an absolutely enormous target market, both in the United States and globally in countries such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, Japan and Malaysia.
Homeschooling parents of teenagers who want to maximise their children's educational performance, particularly in exams.
Parents who are interested in holistic parenting and who want their teenagers to excel at school with reduced stress levels.
Conscientious college students who want to get the most out of their degree programme and enjoy dramatically higher future earnings and superior employment prospects.
International students who want to improve their academic English language skills so that they can excel on English-medium courses.

🅘 10 Funky Facts About Higher Grades Faster!®

Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity
Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity

🅙 Brand Wall.

The international fashion models who star in Higher Grades Faster!® have featured in the advertising/promotional and/or editorial/programming content for some of the biggest and most prestigious global brands. The following comprise just some of them. Brand Wall

🅚 Mediolana® Legal Notice.

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