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💯 Higher Grades Faster!™ Can Get Your Child to the Top of the Class.

Are your teenager's exam scores not where they ought to be?

Are they talented, but in danger of losing their way?

Do you worry about their future in a world of increasing globalisation, automation and competition – a world in which even 'very good' is no longer good enough?

Would you like to give your child something that can augment their academic performance across every single subject – and make them dramatically more productive, organised and and successful?

Higher Grades Faster!™ could be precisely what you are looking for.

Higher Grades Faster!™ is the world's only video-based course designed to get students in the crucial and formative 14-21 age category to the top of the class – and into the college of their dreams. (The course designer himself is a double-scholarship winner from the world-famous University of Cambridge, England.)

The Higher Grades Faster!™ course contains 16 modules on six content themes: globalisation (🅐), technology + productivity (🅑), literacy (🅒), organisation (🅓), creativity + lifestyle (🅔), and transcendence (🅕). These modules cover every aspect of what it takes to be the kind of world-class student that top colleges and companies covet – imparting the elite learning skills that schools and private tutors simply don't teach.

Your child can learn the following critical skills from Higher Grades Faster!™:

➠How to improve their academic written English tremendously in 90 days or less (modules 🅒❻ + 🅒❼)
➠How to revise for and ace exams at the very highest level (includes a University of Cambridge case study, modules 🅓❽ + 🅓µ)
➠How to transcend distractions (including smartphones and laptops) and develop supreme levels of focus and concentration (modules 🅑❹ + 🅑❺)
➠The secret to becoming the most organised student in their class: the Ultimate Organisation System!™ (modules 🅓❽ + 🅓µ)
➠The keys to becoming so creative that no robot or algorithm can ever replace them (modules 🅔❾ + 🅔❿ + 🅕⓫)

Recommended by educators and luminaries alike, the entire Higher Grades Faster!™ course costs less than a single hour of elite SAT® exam tuition in New York City. Order it today and get fast and free international courier shipping via DHL Express!

🖥 ︎TV Spot: Discover Why Higher Grades Faster!™ is an Essential Investment in Your Family's Future.

It's never been more important for your teenager to fulfill their potential. In an increasingly unequal and relentlessly competitive world, the Higher Grades Faster!™ course is the ultimate investment in your family's future prosperity.

Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity

🅐 Executive Summary.


HIGHER GRADES FASTER!™ IS THE WORLD'S ONLY VIDEO-BASED GRADE AUGMENTATION COURSE. Designed by the University of Cambridge-educated double-scholarship winner, lawyer and Wired.com-featured journalist Asad Yawar – and published by MEDIOLANA® – it works by teaching your teenager the scholastic skills they need to experience:

Higher exam scores in every single subject. This includes the reading and writing sections of the ACT®, SAT® and GMAT® assessments which are routinely used to determine entrance to elite colleges such as Harvard, Princeton and MIT.

Outstanding productivity and organisation levels. Using the Ultimate Organisation System!™ and Cool Time Management™, your teenager can become the most productive and organised person in their school.

Dramatically improved written English. Watch your teenager's confidence with and ability to use language soar within just 90 days of implementing the course guidance.* (*Individual results may vary.)

Enhanced concentration and focus. By using our proprietary TRABLODIS™ method, your teenager can enjoy the enormous advantages over the competition conferred by being able to tune out electronic distractions.

Augmented creative capacities. Higher Grades Faster!™ contains all the information your teenager needs to realise quantitative and qualitative leaps in their creativity and idea generation – essential for their future employment security.

HIGHER GRADES FASTER!™ IS ALSO THE WORLD'S ONLY EDUCATIONAL PRODUCT TO FEATURE FIVE INTERNATIONAL FASHION MODELS. These iconic models star as the Infinity Girls™© – the guides who populate Higher Grades Faster!™ and demonstrate the academic content throughout the 131-minute DVD and accompanying 292-page book.

THIS REMARKABLE COURSE CAN SAVE YOU THOUSANDS OR EVEN TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS BY REDUCING OR ELIMINATING THE NEED TO SEND YOUR CHILD TO EXPENSIVE FEE-PAYING SCHOOLS OR HIRE PRIVATE TUTORS. Yet it costs significantly less than a single hour of elite private tuition for the SAT® college admissions exam in New York City,A and a fraction of the hourly rate of London super tutors.B Moreover, because this product is presently in its Secret Launch™ phase,C few other parents are even aware of its existence.

🅑 What (Truly) Very Stable Geniuses Say About Higher Grades Faster!™

Marissa Sonnis-Bell
'Really excellent...really important...everyone could benefit from this.' – Marissa Sonnis-Bell,16 Lecturer at Singapore Institute of Management, State University of New York

James Burlton
'Studying will never have been such an exciting prospect before.' – James Burlton,17 Head of EAL and Deputy Examinations Officer, Milton Abbey School, England

Lamia Skender
'Higher Grades Faster!™ really speaks to the new generation through its contemporary aesthetics, fancy visuals and bold typography. Sometimes you do judge a luxury DVD+Book course set by its covers.' – Lamia Skender,18 Video Wall Designer, Al Jazeera Balkans

Aurore Martial
'A totally ingenious and unbelievably comprehensive guide to academic success and productivity...the presentation is incredible...I cannot wait until my children are old enough to fully appreciate it.' – Aurore Martial,19 Interior Designer at Forbes.com-featured Domus Venus

🅒 12 Direct Benefits of Higher Grades Faster!™

By watching the Higher Grades Faster!™ DVD, reading its accompanying book and then applying the meticulously-detailed guidance contained in both these items, your child (in the 14-21 age category) can experience the following positive outcomes:

Improved academic performance.
Dramatically increased levels of focus and concentration.
Enhanced exam technique.
Exceptional standards of personal organisation.
Peerless project management capabilities.
Augmented 'deep' literacy skills.
Higher levels of creativity and idea generation.
Better emotional regulation.
Superior general health deriving from lifestyle improvements.
A tremendous sense of purpose and motivation.
Increased lifetime career earnings.
Greater choice within and independence from the global employment market.

🅓 9 (or 2,344,000) Reasons Why Your Child Needs Higher Grades Faster!™

As a conscientious parent who cares deeply about their child's future, we don't have to tell you that education is important in today's world. However, even you might be genuinely surprised to discover just how critical high-level academic performance has become to your child's prospects – both now and in the future:

The lifetime earnings gap between students with an advanced, professional degree and those with a mere high school diploma has become a US$2,344,000/€2,070,000/¥270,000,000 chasm.1
Highly-educated students enjoy longer lives and increased levels of well-being.2
According to the OECD, people with tertiary education qualifications are more likely to be slimmer and healthier.3 They also benefit from stronger social networks, and experience a deeper sense of control over their own lives.4

Higher Grades Faster! Lifetime Earnings Premium Graph

Yet those entities whom most parents entrust with their child’s education – schools – are failing spectacularly in their mission:

Just 26% of American high school graduates pass all four sections of the ACT test, an examination which measures whether candidates have the skills they need for college life or a career.5
Every year, around half of sixteen-year-olds in the United Kingdom fail to gain five passes at GCSE (including Maths and English Language) – despite having spent twelve years in compulsory education.6
English teenagers are officially the most illiterate in the developed world,7 while more than 50% of American students on four-year college programmes lack the skills to perform 'complex' literacy tasks, such as analysing a news story.8

And in a world of intense competition, deep globalisation and rapidly-advancing robotics, this is a truly frightening reality.

Higher Grades Faster! Harvard China Applications Graph

Accordingly, concerned parents are increasingly trapped in an arms race of after-school tutors, private schools and cram schools to try and give their loved one a chance of a decent future. And like all arms races, this is expensive – typically costing many parents tens of thousands of dollars per year – and exhausting.

Fortunately, that's where Higher Grades Faster!™ comes in.

🅔 A Brief Overview of Higher Grades Faster!™

Higher Grades Faster!™ is a complete, self-contained how-to luxury DVD+Book set on the subject of augmenting academic performance. It has been created by a qualified lawyer who took a double-first from the University of Cambridge,14 and is the only educational product in the world to feature five international fashion models.15

If you are a parent of a child in the crucial and formative 14-21 age category and you would like your son or daughter to fulfil both their academic and life potential, then Higher Grades Faster!™ is the solution that you have been waiting for. Its 131-minute DVD and accompanying, interdependent 292-page book are crammed with elite-level guidance on how to become a supremely productive, organised and successful person – but someone who is also characterised by genuine depth, insight and openness.

Selected highlights of Higher Grades Faster!™ include:

➠The secret to transforming yourself into the most organised student in your class: the Ultimate Organisation System!™

•The Ultimate Organisation System!™ ('UOS!'™) is a superlatively powerful and flexible task and project management system which eclipses even organisational methods aimed at senior business executives, such as the legendary David Allen process Getting Things Done. It selectively utilises today's technologies to serve the end goal of enabling you to experience the state of organisational mastery over all your activities.

➠Insider tips and ingenious insights which make taking even the toughest exams a routine and enjoyable task

•If you had to choose one person to share their knowledge with you about how to prepare for and take formal examinations at the highest level, a qualified lawyer who took a double-first from the University of Cambridge would probably be at the top of your list. Higher Grades Faster!™ contains no fewer than three SuperBonus!™ modules on this exact topic authored by someone with precisely these credentials.

➠Trablodis™, a liberating method to transcend distractions and help develop supreme levels of focus and concentration

•In a world of a thousand status notification updates, the ability to concentrate and focus meaningfully is a giant competitive advantage. While there are countless books, retreats and seminars which lament our state of electronic distraction, to our knowledge only Higher Grades Faster!™ contains a rock-solid technique – explicated in great detail – to directly solve this problem in a sustainable manner.

➠Cool Time Management™, an effective and holistic scheduling strategy inspired by soccer, the world’s most popular sport

•Do you ever wish that there were more than twenty-four hours in a day? Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed at all the things you have on your to-do lists and calendars? Are you tired of always feeling stressed out and tense, even on holiday? Do you look at your over-scheduled child and worry that the same pattern is repeating itself? Then Higher Grades Faster!™ is for you, because thanks to its Cool Time Management™ system, the days of battling against the clock can become a distant memory. Cool Time Management™ will help enable you to attain exceptional levels of productivity – and feel surprisingly relaxed while you do so.

➠The keys to becoming so creative that no robot or algorithm can ever replace you

•The rapidly-encroaching army of robots and CPUs which is eliminating routine (and increasingly, middle-class) jobs is hastening theoretical physicist Michio Kaku's prophecy about the computer revolution throwing tens of millions of people onto the breadlines and skewing the distribution of wealth on this planet. Nurturing seriously high levels of creativity has never been more important for your future – and following the guidance on this and related topics given in Higher Grades Faster!™ can turn you the kind of person who comes up with ideas that change societies.

It almost goes without saying that nothing like this has ever been produced before; only a tiny number of companies would have the talent available to them – let alone the vision – to even attempt making it.

🅕 Art & Design.

An enormous amount of artistic labour and love has gone into making Higher Grades Faster!™ a uniquely visually compelling project.

🅖 Higher Grades Faster!™: Your Detailed Guide to What's Inside.

Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity


🅗 10 Funky Facts About Higher Grades Faster!™

Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity
Higher Grades Faster! – Exponential Productivity

🅘 Say 'Hello' to the Infinity Girls™©.

The Infinity Girls: Productivity will never be the same again

The Infinity Girls™© are five of the most enchanting and smartest young ladies on the planet. They have been tasked with helping students rapidly understand the principles of getting Higher Grades Faster!™ Let's meet your teenager's new guides!

Salma – Higher Grades Faster! (Asad Yawar)

Name: Salma Alkorta
Age: 17
Height: 1.73m
City of Residence: Paris, France
Academic Specialism: Science (Cosmology)
Last Seen Reading: Pico Iyer’s classic meditation on the nature of postmodern global identity The Global Soul: ‘On one level, the world depicted in this book seems so old to me that it’s like a historical document, but at the same time it’s also strangely familiar. If Iyer was writing the same book today, I think the main difference would be that the wealth and technology gap between nations has definitely shrunk.’

Dani – Higher Grades Faster! (Asad Yawar)

Name: Dani Aventurini
Age: 27
Height: 1.68m
City of Residence: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Academic Specialism: Professor of Integrated Medicine
Last Seen Reading: Ha-Joon Chang’s bestseller 23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism: ‘My father recommended this book to me, and I’m grateful to him because this really opened my eyes to a lot of new ideas. I loved the chapter where Chang explains why the washing machine has changed the world more than the Internet. It sounds mad at first, but in the end it makes perfect sense.’

Elmira – Higher Grades Faster! (Asad Yawar)

Name: Elmira Misimova
Age: 20
Height: 1.75m
City of Residence: Milan, Italy
Academic Specialism: Linguistics
Last Seen Reading: The dystopian Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky: ‘Glukhovsky is a cult hero in Russia and several other European countries, but that’s not why I bought Metro 2033. Ever since I read 1984, I’ve developed a soft spot for novels which are like modern or even postmodern parables. They make a nice change from browsing fashion magazines.’

Aurelia – Higher Grades Faster! (Asad Yawar)

Name: Aurelia Aoyama
Age: 22
Height: 1.71m
City of Residence: Seoul, Republic of Korea
Academic Specialism: Economics
Last Seen Reading: Charles Hampden-Turner and Fons Trompenaars’ book on the rise of East Asia, Mastering the Infinite Game: ‘In theory this is a book about economic development and business, but it’s so much more [than that]. Mastering the Infinite Game illuminates key concepts of Taoism and Confucianism that help give meaning to everyday life in this region. It’s an incredibly special book for me.’

Lara – Higher Grades Faster! (Asad Yawar)

Name: Lara Müller
Age: 22
Height: 1.73m
City of Residence: New York City, United States
Academic Specialism: Political Science
Last Seen Reading: Tsugihara Ryuji and Hidaka Yoshiki’s manga political thriller The First President of Japan: ‘Wow! How to describe this? The First President of Japan is a semi-fictional manga about international politics, which sounds quite unusual but it works very well. There’s a lot of very intriguing insights into the relationship between Japan and the United States, especially. I wish there were more series like this.’

🅙 Brand Wall.

The international fashion models who star in Higher Grades Faster!™ have featured in the advertising/promotional and/or editorial/programming content for some of the biggest and most prestigious global brands. The following comprise just some of them. Brand Wall

A Emma Jacobs, The $600-an-hour private tutor, Financial Times, 12th December 2013 (see also: Leslie Brody, Some Parents Pay Up to $400 an Hour to Prep 4-Year-Olds for NYC’s Gifted Test, The Wall Street Journal, 3rd October 2018)
B Rosie Kinchen, Parents pay £1,000 an hour for super tutor, The Sunday Times, 15th January 2012
C There are four distinct launch phases for Higher Grades Faster!™: Secret Launch™, Soft, Hard, and Global. During the Secret Launch™ period, production runs are incredibly limited (c.500> units) and Mediolana® are not promulgating any press releases, video commercials or other materials allocated to later launch phases. Therefore, if you are reading this, you are in a very exclusive category and we would invite you to please take advantage of the present price point of Higher Grades Faster!™ while you can.
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14 The Higher Grades Faster!™ project is based on an original concept by Asad Yawar, a qualified lawyer who took a double-first from the University of Cambridge in Social and Political Sciences. His work has been incorporated into the city cultures syllabus at Hong Kong’s Lingnan University; featured in both wired.com and Siemens Global Weblogs; and extensively cited in the Routledge globalisation textbooks The World’s Cities and Dubai: Behind an Urban Spectacle. Yawar’s journalism has been translated into Korean, German and Turkish.
15 These international fashion models have their origins in a number of diverse territories across Europe, Asia and Latin America. They have featured in promotional/advertising and/or editorial/programming content for some of the world's most-loved brands (see 'Brand Wall' above); moreover, their alma matres include Sorbonne Université, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and University College London. No other group of global models quite like this has ever been assembled.
16 Marissa Sonnis-Bell is the lead editor of and contributing author to Strangers, Aliens, Foreigners: The Politics of Othering from Migrants to Corporations (Brill 2018). She is also the author of a number of academic papers, including Croatia’s Neoliberal Trajectory: The Applicability of Variegated Neoliberalism in the Croatian Postsocialist Context (2012) and Nuclear Energy Post-Fukushima: A Media Analysis of Competing Nuclear and Climate Change Risks, 2006-2012 (2013).
17 James Burlton is a graduate of the University of Cambridge and a CELTA-certified teacher of English as a second language.
18 Lamia Skender attended Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.
19 Aurore Martial is a graduate of École Hautes Études Internationales, Paris. She enjoyed a distinguished career in finance at firms such as Voltaire Financial, Compagnie Financière Tradition and Barclays Capital before turning her hand to interior design, a domain in which she has rapidly established a burgeoning clientele.

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